Sunday, May 20, 2007

12 things to stop waiting for in life..

A friend forwarded me this list of 12 things to stop waiting for in life and I thought I'd share it with the masses...I love the list and think I'll post my own top 10 list every other week to amuse you all...Enjoy! (Warning to guys: beware as this list heavily applies to the ladies but you can change it to fit your way of life too)

If you have anything to add, feel free to post a comment!

12 things to stop waiting for in life..

1. His first move.

2. The ginger martini and chocolate chip cookie diet—ain’t gonna happen.

3. A decent raise. Earn it, ask for it, get it.

4. That gorgeous gay guy to change his mind.

5. A sign to tell you what to do next.

6. A cellulite cure. Let's worry about AIDS and cancer first.

7. Your ex to say he’s really sorry. Don’t worry— karma will get him in the end.

8. The bathroom to clean itself.

9. Monogamy to be easy (same goes for flossing).

10. New Year's. Make the resolution today.

11. Your mother's approval. If you're happy, she will be too (eventually).

12. A man to change everything in your life. Change it yourself now—he’ll catch up with you later.


Anju said...

The list made me :) Hi! found your blog by accident and it was nice reading it!
Any good hair products that you recommend?

Cristal Shalene said...

Thanks for stopping by..Feel free to tune in anytime..

I actually love,love, love the Frederic Fekkai Protein Mask...I don't know about you but I love to have soft and managable hair and this product does the trick...You use it once or twice a week as a deep conditioner...I have been usingit for the last month or so and it works really well...Good Luck and let me know your results should you decide to try it!