Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tried & True


Hope that you will enjoy tidbits of info about 3 amazing products that I have both tried and purchased this week...

Wide Feather Headband $28 (Available only at Urban Outfitters)

This is friggin HOT!! In a matter of hours I received at least 10 compliments...This headband is too cute and if you're disguising a bad hair day with a bun (like I am sporting today) - You can easily make your Fashion Don't a Fashion "Girl, Where did you get that" moment!

O-GLOW $26 (Available only at Sephora)

I tried this yesterday and it's really amazing! The blush comes out in a clear gel and reacts to your personal skin chemistry to turn your cheeks that exact color that you naturally blush. Being a fine, young, brown woman, I find it hard to find the perfect blush but I tried it and it works and it lasted for hours!

O-GLOW works on every skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest, to give everyone a naturally gorgeous glow.
Palettes for PETA $34 (Available at Sephora and Department Stores that carry Smashbox)

I tried this palette in"In The Wild", which is green, bronze and gold and it looked beautiful. I usually have a hard time with eye-shadows but this went on without fault and to make you feel less guilty about the $34 price tag Palettes for PETA are Cruelty-free, vegan eye-shadow trios that support kind living.

Includes a double-ended brush for blending, lining, and smudging.


-Apply the lightest shades as a base or to highlight.
-Apply the medium shades to the crease.
-Apply the darkest shades as a liner.
-All shades can be applied wet or dry.



Dominique Jackson said...

I was wondering about the blush...I just read about it in Allure. Do you think it will be suitable for on-camera work or for more of a free natural type of day out and about? Thanks girl!!

Cristal Shalene said...

Sorry about the delayed think that it's more of a natural feel..You would have to apply way too much to achieve that"made up" look that you need for Camera-work...Nars Multiples actually work really well as do Tarte's cheek stains..