Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tried & True

Guys and Dolls,

I must boast about my new fave products-Dove Skin Revitalizer and Dove Energy Glow Lotions...These products are absolutely amazing and I have seen results.
I use the Dove Skin Revitalizer every morning and I swear by it. My skin feel

clean and my skintone is even. This product gently massages

your face and never dries me out...I use it twice daily and love it...

I started to use the Energy Glow lotion about two weeks ago because although I am a Luminous (thanks JS!!) and radiant African-American woman, I couldn't resist a product that would make my skin look sun-kissed...I have to say my skin looks amazing! This product has subtle self-tanners and is available for all skin colors...

Try them out if you are looking for healthy radiant skin without visiting the spa!

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